Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fun in the Summer

I have been unable to figure out how to eliminate the cootie that is on this photo. I like the photo nonetheless. Little Jimmy was so cute in wanting his dad to throw him. He kept saying, throw me dad throw me! It is so nice seeing my brother, Jimmy, having so much fun with his son. I can tell that they are a joy in each others' lives. I am blessed to have such a family.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seattle Panorama Style

My camera is capable of doing Panorama shots. The only problem, I have to have an Olympus card in it. Of course I have replaced the card with a much larger one made by someone else. For a long time I didn't even bother trying to take them. Then a month ago I decided to see what I could do with my different photo software programs. I have several but of course I don't have Adobe Photoshop. That would probably make my life too easy. (Or maybe too complicated as I already have so much stuff I don't know what to do with it.)

I learned that the program which came with my scanner/printer has the ability to create panoramic photos. I was so excited. Below are some photos I was able to create from our trip to Seattle. All are composed of 2 -4 separate photos.

Lavender Days 2005

This was taken with my first digital camera. More often than not the photos were out of focus. I am grateful to have had that camera. It opened the world of digital photography to me. Not that I am very far down that road now but still, one small step...
This was just something I jumped out of the car to take. Rick, Maddy, Drew and I had visited the Lavender Festival in Mona Utah and were about to leave. I said, wait I want to take a photo. I jumped out of the car, squated down and this is what we got! I now have this in 14x16 size framed in my living room. My brother has an 8x10 in his bathroom. Who knew that it could inspire so much. Even my newly painted walls are the blue of the sky.
I have since returned to the Lavender Days Festival 2 more times but I haven't had any photos like this one. I thought this would be a good photo to start my photography blog with as it was the one to get me started on trying to take artsy fartsy photos.

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